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Now for a cheerier post

I never realised that cats can get tetchy and moody, just like children can, when the weather is tooo wet to go out to play.
Cornelius had been jumping Toto quite a few times before Mike got up this morning to give them breakfast. We don't usually hear clanging and crashing when Corni does his bully-bidding occasionally. He was still at it when I came down to make myself tea.
So trying to keep Toto from further upset I tried playing chase and find games and some annoying ribbon chase and tear games. After about 20 mins he gave that sigh they do, when they've run out of their 1st steam. Toto being pretty unmotivated usually gives us one as a sign that she's nakkered.
At this poinnt I left him to his own devices and returned to the kitchen, he promptly followed, came back to have some more of his breakfast.
Seeing as Corni's obvious angry/playfull/irritableness had slightly subsided I put a tiny treat in a bowl and lead Toto upstairs to where I'm studying. Cornelius keeps jumping off the kitchen chair, popping his head out of the cat flap and then returning to the chair a few times. Guess it's still too wet out there Corni?
Soon enough he follows us to the den too, Toto gives her low grumbling growl as he ssteps into the room. I feel bad as Toto has managed to settle but I can tell he'll give her a good chase back down if I don't distract him. So I bring his 'chase the ball round the tube' game into the doorway. Just far away enough to give Totes space for comfort, and having him distracted by playing with that, I also offer him an A4 cardboard packaging box which I open up and show him areas he may want to scratch or digg around in. He's jumped straight on that, scratching it to bits and manages to open and flatten it out. Sitting on that he still grapples and pushes the ball in the tube toy, 'whirr whirr whirr'
Last of all I bring out the 'nip, sprinkling some on the cardboard he's sat on and rubbing a toy in it for Toto, 5 mins of lolling around in it, face rubbing it to death and slumping on the stuff, both cats are lying perfectly still, eyes closed in satisfaction.

Feeling like a good parent right now x
Want to update, talk about current stresses, money, wedding, work, adopting animals, best friends, wedding dresses, mothers in law, invitations, gran reaching 100, food & fatness, ideas & lacking, too warm, too cold, cat love and vip big cat outting. Feeding, Healing, Future, Best friends, and lack of self belief, study, legislation, pressure of inspecting, getting old, feeling old, dying to be drunk, self control and possibly a couple of other little points, but I seem to have lost all abilities other than to plough through in this exist managing not to topple from the edge along which I walk.
GP is very supportive and she's going to send me for blood tests, still at least I have Mike and 2 cats



if I shout maybe he'll hear me?

Bombay Bicycle Club - Still

This song is breaking my heart.

.Collapse )

Oct. 22nd, 2011

Bit annoyed to not be in the group for 'show me how you burlesque'. certainly have stiff, aching thighs from doing the routine in practice on Thursday but I love it, more than 'Hello' even.
Now for a bit of muscle soak in the bath with a book, lovely.

Oh and here's a recent pic of Toto & I in bed, think she's a out to run off, the little scardy cat she is.

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FB does not help me lose weight.
FB does not help my intelligence.
FB only highlights the things I think I lack, much like the photoshopped magazine photos highlight how fat, ugly and old I am.

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )

The enemies in my head, my life long companion(s); my own self hate manifested in the many tones of disapproval I ultimately do to myself.

All the other bullies, they were only real people, ones you can (always try and can succeed to) avoid.

Which bully came 1st? Now that I dont know.

technospaz is 39 today

Happy birthday my love xxx
Well pooh on me twice, my LJ is nearly 10 years old!

Going over some entries I can see just how loved I was.
Any ill-feeling I think I have now is just paranoia and self inflicted.

Mentions MUST be made to Doug, Chris, Shana, Leebs, Amy, Dreamgirl - Jody, Matt, Scott, Dom, Ben, Dan, Cabs & Gabs, James, Rabyah, Michela, Rin, Ruth, Gadge, Tim (Greeb'), Voo, Spike, Damien, Chez, Kerry.

There are many more but these people were here picking me up time and again, I see just how much from the little bit of re-reading I did today.

Thank you ♥