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Coherance is to be celebrated

When I write a successful sentence I'm nearly crying
I'm just so happy I made it through, with coherant thought in tow, to the end of my point.

Can't even do that in many conversations these days. Ask Mike he knows how bad the demetia has become.
I must remember that being 34 is no reason to accept being tubby. TMA or no!!

anyhoo, all nighter, obviously, not done one in a long time. waste of sleep time, I just hope I pull through this time. Jobs gonna be rubbish, it's been a hard TMA and even though I have been at it solidly for 3 days, the reading catch up which was required just funked it all up. That and helping friends be all social, mostly my fault.
How much have a I got, well so far none of the Qs are completly answered,but unlike any I've done, every single section has been 'planned' all except the results from the report.

Done like it, don't like it one bit, brain please pull through this....

Time for TMA1 - neuropsychology

Well now, biological psychology huh, interesting huh, my god you didn't think it would be that easy though did you! /sarcasm.

I know all the forums, advise and sample modules all warned at how difficult it was going to be, and I can't say I'm surprised. I am however amazed at how interesting I am finding it and and that is making me change my ways (this is the 2nd time I have been clean from overdrinking and smoking in the last 3 months).
Mustn't think back in regret but if only I was allowed to follow what I wanted to do in my younger years, I really believe I would have done something with my life. When I really want something I guess I can find the way to get there. Choices never being my own back then, I never learnt that you can drive your own destiny until I married Mike. For teaching to me, things like this, he is my Shanker, he is being those parts my father oughto have been, like a guru to worship for their selfless tasking to teach you their knowledge. (He probably thought he was doing, but sorry dad it was Mum who taught me things, thats why I can cook indian food but can't do anything under the bonnet of a car. I'll give you this though, you made me understand the value of saving money and how to find the best car insurance deal, lol.)

Anyhoo, it's time to comeplete my 1st TMA, I'm behind on my reading a little but because I read the instructions before reading the text book, I ommitted to note I only had to read up to chapter 2 for the assignment and now I have 4 days to do it in.

I won't go into work pressures at the mo, that can wait for another entry, but I'll make note that I did apply for the permanant Animal Health Officer job, the sift was last week, there are 10 applicants, far mo0re that I expected, and I REALLY want the job. Hopefully I get to an interview then there'll be more work to do.

But now Josh, please get on with answering questions about glial cells and plagiarizing (they've set us questions on plagiarising, talk about hammer to crack a nut, yes I get it ok OU!)
My god have I missed you LJ!

Watching 'vintage cross dressers' in Vintage photographs ^_^

Sep. 25th, 2012

TMA2 submitted and now to my growling tum. I do believe I deserve a bacon sandwich

*shh* don't tell the vegan, just the one treat this week ok ;)


New day, new start, less alcohol and some reality. Still have OU essay (1st one of this module and longest word-length so far) to get done.

Still procrastin' but have sorted a pen, now for some notes. What's it on again?!! :s

Here's a little shot from the biggest day/s of my life, I've not forgotten but just currently having to prioritise OU above talk of weddin's et al.


Copied from mindclaw - 11/06/2012

I hardly recognise the old me. Really? is that how it felt Josh?

Been writing in my own ikklebabyj journal using the 'private entry' where I would have prefered to come here. I guess the private stuff isn't the ranty, wanton teen-angst which felt safest left to Mindclaw. I recognise there was a whole me which was left (kept herself out?) out in loner-land for too long. The ability to make my actions for myself is something Mike has been able to give me. Maybe that, or maybe that Vrat I did meant so much to me that this new head has been the fruit of self reflection every monday for a year.

Either way, I am utterly shocked and appalled at my own childish entries/feelings/behaviour and pain and a little dissbeliefed at just how much Mike has been able to do. If I were a project, he would definately recived high recommendation for an award for his project management!

We get married in less than 3 months, and after this surprising return to Mindclaw, I am even more sure I am the luckiest mental case in the world.

God help me to make Mike's life a better one, better than what, oh just better than before, year in year out, each one a little better.

Ohm Namah Shivai